Water Projects

We as the NMD Foundation want to open water wells in the short term to provide clean drinking water in Uganda.

The village of Nampologoma is located in northeastern Uganda. Most residents of Nampologoma life of agriculture and animal husbandry. Most farmers have very little land at their disposal and all use harvest for their own household. Only a few farmers also sell their vegetables to traders. Clean drinking water is also not available in the village of Nampologoma. The women and girls, whose task is to get water for the household, have to go a long way for this. Most families therefore use the polluted water from the small river that runs through Nampologoma flows. This increases the risk of contamination of water-borne diseases, such as diarrhea and cholera. Young children in particular often fall ill because they are extra susceptible.

New water supply in Nampologoma

Through this project, a drinking water supply will be installed in Nampologoma. The water will be led to the village from clean water sources in the forest near Nampologoma and connected to village taps. During the construction period, training will also be organized for the residents of Nampologoma on the management and maintenance of the water supply. A committee is set up that is responsible for maintenance and two plumbers are trained. The new water supply means that women and girls will have to walk less far for water, leaving them more time for work, school or for themselves. In addition, there is a good chance that access to clean water will improve the health of the residents and also reduce child mortality.

This project is being carried out by the Ugandan Recreation And Development Center foundation, which was established in 2005. Recreation And Development Center focuses on drinking water supplies, the environment and small-scale local initiatives with extra attention to women’s emancipation. The Dutch foundation “Darulaceze” supports the Recreation And Development Center projects from the Netherlands both financially and in terms of content.